The War is OVER part 1

After World War II there was a Japanese lieutenant (Hiroo Onada) who stayed in the Jungle for 29 years, because he refused to believe the War was over. God’s Grace declares that the War between God and Man is over, a war encouraged for the most part by men. It’s time to live like the War is over and we are full children of the God of the cosmos. Bottom line it’s Grace through Faith or Grace by Faith, you are loved not because you believe, but you should believe because you are loved.

Sharing GOD’S Spirit

The Nature of GOD is a Love that is constantly sharing,

God gives freely and loves those who practice this aspect of His nature.

I have a spiritual practice during worship services @ the church I pastor in Anza, Ca. 

When I sense the presence of God during worship,

I become silent close my eyes and sit up straight

and I take a very slow gentle breath.

I get a feeling which is like a warm vibration against my skin,

and I rest for a moment in God’s presence. 

Then I consciously picture sharing this experience with all those around me,

I picture a gentle breeze moving arounf the space of our sanctuary.

Lately I have become ever more aware that all I receive is meant to be shared,

in a very conscious and intentional way. 

This pleases our Father in Heaven when we seek to become like Him,

and His ever boundless Unconditional Love.  


Hey try this practice and get back to me on it.