The Big Picture

There is a theme in the teachings of Jesus, His focus on The Big Picture.   Pressed to talk about himself, he talks about The Father,asked questions about the little things he responds with a Big Picture answer.  Time and time again his eye is on the whole not the parts and yet the parts are cared for.  When the little things are nipping at your heals it is sure a sign that your Big Picture view has become blurred.  The problem as Jesus constantly described it, is not with splinters but rather the logs, don’t worry about the weeds it’s the crop as a whole the Father focuses on.  I was looking at my windshield this morning when I noticed all the little imperfections because of a sand storm and yet on my recent trip to Colorado I never noticed the little imperfections, because I was too busy enjoying the view the horizon offered.   We live in a culture that has stopped looking at the view the horizon presents, because we are obsessed with the imperfections that are life itself.  So it is time to change the conversation and the way we see things, on the cross Jesus says, “Forgive them for they know not what they do” now that’s “Big Picture”.


(The One for The Many)

As a Pastor I have observed that when a person joins a group one of two things usually occurs.  One they find that their ego and pathology stops them from actually living in unity with others.  Or they embrace the idea that what is gained in submission to the group, is a good counter balance to their internal weaknesses.  As a leader how you help this time of transition is very important, but you must remember your loyalty must be for the health of the whole.  In one of the Star Trek movies there is a point where Spock gives his life ” the one for the many”.   We have reached a place in this Post Modern age when the many cannot be ruled by the desires of the one, this goes for Families, Schools, Government, Churches or any system for that matter.  Our future health and prosperity rides on a huge paradigm shift,  from The One for itself to “The One for The Many”.


Systems Thinking (Protectors)

Every system has Protectors, that is those who guard and protect the system and maintain stability.  These Protectors from a leaders point of view must be managed in a very wise way.  If allowed to become too dominant they will completely cut ofF change and growth.  Much like white blood cells in the body attack infection, out of control they attack the system itself.  Some challenge to any system is absolutely needed for the health and prosperity of that system.  So Protectors must be loved but not given a free hand, although at times it appears to be the solution to the problem.  Believe me when I say in the long run, it will cost  you and is a major reason for the lack of creativity in any system.


Systems Thinking

I have discovered an interesting fact, as I have been the pastor of a rather unique fellowship.  If when there is struggle within the system and you just wait and watch, many times the system corrects the imbalance on it’s own.  In order for this to work you must have faith in the system as a whole rather than your masterful skill at mediation.  It is also important that you have encouraged strength in the system rather than dependence, as this leads to collapse eventually.  Nine times out of ten the system will correct and in fact be stronger for the experience.  That one time out of ten though you will need to buckle up, because there is a saboteur in the system.