I’m not THAT Elijah!

So Jesus is traveling his last time to Jerusalem and things are going to get shook up big time.  In his journey his is denied a place to stay in a Samaritan village because he is going to Jerusalem, you see the Samaritans also had a temple and they wanted Jesus to go there.  Now the Brothers  James and John better known as the Sons of Thunder want to call down fire on these people, for disrespecting Jesus their prophet and the prophet of the god of their religious imagination.

You see these two apostles come from a very violent practice of faith, and quite frankly a very violent view of god.  They know god as one who punishes people for unbelief and according the stories of the Torah, is not a god you want to catch on the wrong side of the bed.  They believe if a person is blind, god must be punishing someone for something, this view of God was and is very common among all people even today.

They want to call down fire from heaven or rather the atmosphere and burn these guys to a crisp, they want wrath and they want it Now!  Jesus however knows something that the Prophet Elijah only learned after the fact, that is that God the Father is not in the Fire from heaven.  In fact the Fire from heaven is from Satan the prince or god of the power of the air, heaven or atmosphere.  Jesus knows He is going to Jerusalem and will suffer violence from the hands of people who’s god is violent and enjoys suffering and death.  This god we know all to well for he has come to kill, steal and destroy.  So the scripture records in the 9th chapter of Luke this simple phrase “Jesus turned and rebuked them”

You see Elijah called upon the wrong power to burn those soldiers who hand been sent by the King.  Later he learns God the true God is not in the Fire but is a still small voice.   Jesus having come from the Father knew this, that the work of God could not be accomplished using the ways of the violent god of Israels Past.  That they had it all wrong for a very long time, for you see the true God is a God of Love and it would be Love that saves the world and not violence.  And in there last act of commitment to their violent god they crucified the Prince of Peace.  Jesus this God in the flesh the one who if you have seen him you have seen the Father, His last words He give them mercy for all their violence and violent god.  Forgive them Father for they are trapped in a way of seeing you that is anything but Love which is what God is!

Jesus says to all of us I am not That Elijah and my father is not That god.


Questions & Inquisitions

First let me say Questions are great especially in the search for knowledge and wisdom, but there are questions which have neither of these noble quests in mind.  I have noticed a rise in questions that are purely for the purpose of an Inquisition.  An Inquisition is “an official investigation, especially one of a political or religious nature, characterized by lack of regard for individual rights, prejudice on the part of the examiners, and recklessly cruel punishments.”

There was a man during the Salem Witch Trials whose name was Giles Corey, this brave man refused to plead innocent or guilty.  He correctly understood that to answer that simple question was to justify the validity of the Inquisition.  For this rejection of a Question which was based in an Inquisition he was killed in a very gruesome manner.  Jesus also refused to answer question at his mock trial before Pilot and his accusers, I find it interesting that Satan means accuser in the Hebrew tongue.  The Book of Job opening heavenly scene is Satan asking God Questions, the purpose of which was to destroy what was in balance in order to rule in pride.

This brings me forward to the 21st century and in many respects not much has changed with regards to Questions and Inquisitions.  The other day I read an article where Mark Driscoll was interrogating another Christian and calling him a coward because he held a different interpretation to the Questions.  This kind of stuff goes on all the time especially in religion and politics, both areas where Unity is Vital.  For some though the answer is not a question that leads to Unity but rather leads to Conformity, this is the Inquisition I speak about.

One in which a “Christian” goes up to a person made in the image of God, and then asks “Do you know where you will go if you die today?”  Is it any wonder that many people see God as the lead Inquisitor, and the Jesus Question as the one you must answer their way or else.  What if you asked a person a question in order to learn about them and how you might Unify, but then its just so much easier to view them as Dead and Hell bound.

I encourage you to look at the questions you ask and above all else reject those questions that are based in an Inquisition Mindset.  I understand you have been taught this way but my Friend look at Jesus and see another Way.


Calvin & Job (The Great Debate)

Job:  The Lord gives and The Lord takes away blessed be His name.

CalvinYou are absolutely correct Job for God is Sovereign.

Job: I am blameless and upright before my God.

Calvin: I’m sorry Job but you do err in not knowing how to rightly divide the word.

Job:  What word are you talking about Calvin.

Calvin:  The word of God starting with the book of Genesis and proceeding to the Book of Revelation.  In that Book it is declared that all have fallen short of the glory of God.  Further more you are dead in your trespasses and sins, you were born spiritually dead.

Job:  No I was born a Human being in the Image of God, my father taught me to honor God and make sacrifice.

Calvin:  You where born guilty in the sight of God, according to the clear teaching of Scripture. 

Job: No I was born with the same potential to serve God as was any Human ever Born. 

Calvin:  You have broken God’s Law and He demands Perfection.

Job: What Law?

Calvin: The covenant Law given to Moses. 

Job: Sorry I’m drawing a blank here Calvin but maybe where there is no Law it can’t be broken. 

Calvin: You sound like a Pelagian Heretic.

Job:  No I am a servant of the God whose name I do not know, and I am blameless and upright before His eyes.

Calvin: but you need to be perfect in His eyes.

Job: Says who?

Calvin: Basically  any body whose somebody in the church world from Anselm to Me.

Job:  Sounds complicated I think I will stick with my simple faith and conscience.

Calvin:  Well broad is the way that leads to destruction. 

Job: I will stick with my God and my  proclamation of Innocence, God is mighty to save. 

Calvin: On that we agree Job.

GOD: So do I 

Satan:  I tend to agree with Calvin 

God: You would.