Relax! it’s not that Hard!


It’s not that hard

once you commit

yourself to it

It takes Practice

Patience and Focus

The World will not come

to an End

Life will go


You just might

get a better

Nights Sleep


make Love

More Often

Your Stress Levels

will Decrease

And each day

will be a little



It’s not that hard

once you commit






PS:  This includes yourself

Creating a little Space to Relax in…

In today’s world you must learn how to create a little space for yourself, or the water will soon be around your chin.  My son’s Chris and Dan will tell you that their dad always had a secret place in the mountains, where I could have some space to myself.  

I have friends who have a meditation room in their home, now that is a great idea.

Others I know go for a ride on their horse, cook a good meal or work in the garden, there really is nothing more relaxing than a little dirt in your hands.

It can be in your car to or from work, put on some music and just Relax…

Here is one you can use at work especially if you work in a cubical, just stare into space without any focus other than having no focus and let yourself falls into that space you just created and relax, trust me it works but try not to get caught 🙂

Whatever you do be creative and make creating a little space to relax in a priority, and stop feeling so guilty about doing nothing.  Who knows maybe you’ll experience the God of infinite space, He has made quite a bit of it.



Relax – let go, relax – let go

Let go of your useless worry
Let go of your helpless fury
Let go of your hopeless fears
Let go of your needless tears

Relax – let go, relax, let go

Let go of the knot in your stomach
Let go of the tightness in your chest
Let go of the tension in your muscles
Let go of the pain in your head

Relax – be still, relax – be still

Calm your restless breathing
Slow down your ragged heartbeat
Be still and think peace
Peace, peace — be still !

Stop your mumbling and moaning
Quit your grumbling and groaning
Of what use is pining and whining
Or muttering and murmuring?

Relax — be still, relax – be still

In the waters of quietness
You can walk with the Lord
And above all the noisiness
You can hear of His Word!

So, relax – be still
Relax, be still
Be still, and know that He is God Trixie Asirvatham

Relax I promise not to incite you as much as I have in the Past…

As a matter of fact it is time for me to Relax as well, and that means I love you and me enough to let go and Relax.