The Quality of Perfection

Point of Truth:

Perfection is composed of Qualities that can only be measured by its effect on any Quantity.

Most people see their life in terms of a court room, where God checks  to see if you have done more good than evil.  This view has been reinforced by religion throughout the ages, as well as it being the fallen way for us to think.*(see tree of Good and Evil in Genesis)  What this kind of thinking does is create the false Idea that, Perfection is a quantity to be achieved rather than a quality to be experienced and lived

This is the basis of all Law Mindsets as well, and Jesus is asked many times what is the bottom line in order to get the Kingdom of God?  Another way to ask this question is, how much can I get away with without losing the prize at the end of my life?  All of this misses the point and the Spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ, but I have discovered that to most Christians what Jesus said isn’t nearly as important as Calvin, Augustine, Luther, Smith et all.

So back to Perfection and it really being about a focus on the qualities of life you live and how it affects others, rather than the avoidance of bad things or the pressure of goods works to please God.  Perfection is both a state of Spirit as well as quality of Life, what Jesus would call Eternal Life or (Zoe Life).  The teaching that Eternal Life is a prize that one receives after death, rather than the flow of The Spirit in this life and into the next is wrong.

Perfection is in Fact the Power of God that is the process that Redeems and Heals all within in its influence.  This Perfection is at work in the universe and it will as Paul clearly teaches, have its effect in the restoration of all things.  Perfection is about Process not Performance, it’s a quality of Life whose source is God’s Spirit, not a Demand you have to do or else.  Perfection is based in surrender of the Ego, which is why the Law can never produce God’s Perfection nor was it intended to.  The (Law Mind) is all about see what I have done, see what a good boy or girl I have been God, please don’t send me to Hell.

Under the (Law) close enough is not Good Enough, but under The Qualities of Perfection Love, Mercy, Kindness, Tenderness, influence, coming close is Good Enough, remember God said creation was Good not Perfect. You see Perfection as a quality of life implies a journey not a destination or even a goal.  Perfection is a Journey where the notion is not my Egos will, but the Loving will of God.  Where the life you live is about transformation and unity in love with others.  Where The Spirit causes you to become the other in order to unite with them in God’s life.* (see Phil 2)   The Qualities of Perfection is the atmosphere we breathe and move in, where Motive is Love and Intent is restoration first and foremost.  Where your heart is examined by The Spirit to see if The Life of God directs and infuses your Journey, which is God’s Journey as well.

God set this in motion, and come to find out it will take an eternity for this process of Perfection and its Qualities to unfold.  With ever deeper experiences of the Love and Majesty of our God’s plan to be experienced, with no end in sight.  You see the Qualities of Perfection will be experienced in every moment then, just they can be Now!  It really is the journey after all with Perfection as the Qualities of God’s Presence.

One could say that Jesus was the Expression of God’s Qualities of Perfection in Human form, and you’d be right.