my Reasonable Faith

At this point in my faith journey I no longer need a faith that is argued as if it is a scientific fact. All I need is a Reasonable Faith, based on enough information to overcome my reasonable doubts. I find this place between faith and doubt not served by a faith that has to be infallible and beyond question. 

My faith needs to have  room for mystery, inspiration and the things that go bump in the night.  Faith that has to be proved and believed beyond a shadow of a doubt is not faith at all.

My Lord lived, died, rose, spoke and taught others who recorded what they remembered, and when I combine this with the spirit of my heart, a faith is born a spiritual an mysterious connection.  In fact all the meta-naratives of the bible are stories of people less than certain but hanging on with all the faith they could muster. 

I believe faith is a great mystery, and not something I care to turn into some kind of debate subject or scientific certainty.  More than this I have a relationship with the living God, that is based more on the love of the Mystery than facts.  I have a Reasonable Faith that embraces doubt, mystery, hope and love, its other than and yet right here.

It makes me reach and dare to believe that which is both reasonable and beyond reason, this I call my Reasonable Faith.


Your Going to Hell!

We must rethink some assumptions here or we will never escape a belief system structured in such a way that most people just go to HELL.  Does that bother you at all or are you just convinced in the way it been explained to you?  Really if they don’t repent and accept Jesus as their “Personal Savior” that’s it, they’re Crispy Critters?   You see you want guarantees up front and promised by Sacred Scriptures.  No life of faith and the narrow and seldom traveled path for you.  Mystery what Mystery, Faith is after all a science right something black and white with no mystery at all?  It’s a formula plain and simple just put you name in the slot ____________ provided for you and don’t forget to sign at the bottom.  You’ve been told after all that it doesn’t it matter How Good they are any One Sin will send them to HELL right?  Conversely it doesn’t matter how mediocre and unloving your life is either because your in!  Feel the false confidence that rises up in your mind as you remind yourself that you have the right interpretation of The Masters words.  Forget that nagging feeling that you really have no intimate relationship with God to speak of, or that much Love for the Stranger, after all you’re saved by Grace. Hallelujah.  So sure are you that He will receive you when you CRY Lord, Lord!