Did Judas have a choice?


I was talking to my beautiful daughter about this very subject the other day, O by the way I so dig my conversations with my daughter but that’s another subject.  The problem with any quasi-historical document and this goes for the Bible as well is this; when looking back in time everything tends to looks fixed and predestined.  One of the reasons for this is because the Timeline has been chosen, making it hard to see how things could have worked out any other way.  God I believe can and does function within the possibility of Multiple Timelines and still achieve the desired outcome without violating freewill.  We tend to think that God has a specific agenda therefore we tend to narrow our views of just how open God really is.  For example God has an end time plan for the Unity of the Creation in Love and Freedom, “WE THINK IT CAN ONLY HAPPEN ONE LINEAR WAY”, there are in fact so many ways to get to that objective that it blows my mind.  So what about Judas can God know the future without making us and Judas mere robots in His predetermined plan?  Of course because God’s plan includes the possibility of Multiple Timelines based in freewill allowing God to be God, without being some kind of control freak.  So if Judas had not betrayed Jesus something else would have happened in order to accomplish the will of God and that is what would have been written after the fact, would be our current Biblical history.  Then we would be asking the same question but with different names and events but with the same confused look on our faces 🙂