When I Die

When I die

I would want


Jewish friends

to say

a Kaddish


Catholic friends

to have a Mass

and light

a candle


Mormon friends

to Baptize me


Hindu friends

to have a



Buddhist friends

to light

some incense


Atheist and Agnostic friends

to hoist a



Muslim friends

to get out their

prayer rugs

When I die

I Pray that

I have this


of friends who

loved me.



How Long……. is Eternal Life?

The scriptures teach that man is in fear because of his mortality, we count years and have birthdays to celebrate survival.

The youth are envied because they have more of life in front of them, its hard to accept that someday I will no longer exist.

So we struggle to stay alive as we look to modern medicine to give us just a little more please, and we will pay almost any price.

So its one step forward and two steps back, or as the Garth Brooks song goes “we come in yelling Getty up and go out hollering wo.”

So how long is Eternal Life, well to be quite honest you will be free from the fear that formed that question in the first place.

So occupied in the full 100% of living life to the fullest there will not be days, years or millenia, just pure life as it was meant to be.

You see it is fear that asks how long, but perfect Love does away with fear altogether.  You can start this journey of Eternal Life right now, just hook yourself up to the Kingdom of God and get moving under the guidance of The Spirit of God my friend.

Maybe someday you can say death where is the fear you once held over me, for I am a Child of the Everlasting God and to die is gain and life endless in experience.  There shall be a resurrection of the body believe it my friend, put your trust in God, Jesus did.