Beyond mere Understanding

Most conflicts over God whether they be Nations, Churches, or Individuals come down to the god of our UNDERSTANDING.  How many disputes come down to a dispute over your Understanding of god, the God mind you who says quite clearly is Beyond Understanding.

un·der·stand·ing   Noun:  a mental process of a person who comprehends; comprehension; personal interpretation: My understanding of the word does not agree with yours.* *(see Webster) 

I understand the desire to learn about God I have a great passion for study, and rare is the day you do not see a new book in my kindle or on my coffee table.  What I am talking about is how we take what we have learned, god as we Understand god to be.   Then make it something to be defended and debated, or worse the basis for judgment of others who have a different God of their Understanding. 

In the time of Christ every city had at least one Temple to The god of Their Understanding.  They had much invested in these gods of their Understanding and spared no experience to show their devotion. 

What I believe made Jesus Christ and His disciples unique is that they shared The God of Their Experience, and brought that experience with God’s presence and words where ever they went.  They literally challenged the gods of people’s Understanding not with a competing a Temple and Priesthood, but rather a movement based in Spirit.* *(see Book of Acts) 

A very wise Pastor* *(see Bob) once told me that a man’s spirit always desires that which is higher spiritually, that spirit always takes you higher and deeper.  So these people who merely had a god or gods of their Understanding where spiritually starving to death.  The One True God looked upon this with understanding and mercy,* *(see Romans 2) also seeing that His Temple and Priests did no better with the god of their Understanding.* *(see Acts 15) 

Ok so lets fast forward to the state of this movement of the Spirit of God today, and what do we see?  We see a Church divided not by how much we love and care, but rather divisions over the dod of our UNDERSTANDING, UNDERSTANDING has become our god, little g intended. 

So in an age where information can’t be controlled and the capacity to understand is available to more and more people.* *(see Google et all)   In fact this age has made all mere Understandings of god equal players on the field of the mind, and followers of Jesus just another debate team.

Drive around any town in America and you see Temples again built for the god of their Understanding.  I will add though that this is far superior to many places around the world where only one god of  Understanding is allowed. * *(see Saudi Arabia et all) 

We must move beyond the god of our Understanding if we are going to move beyond the place where Rome was, before it was conquered Spiritually by The God of Jesus , where the experience of Love ruled and God was known Beyond mere Understanding. 

We are starving, I am starving, and the god of our UNDERSTANDING will no longer do.  The next move of the One True God’s Spirit must and has to be BEYOND Mere UNDERSTANDING!


Beyond Understanding

Both Old and Testament teach that God’s ways are Beyond Understanding, but His Being is not Beyond Knowing.  Most people struggle with God because they are seeking to Understand God rather than to Know Him.

This I have discovered is the problem with trying to know God by a systematic study of the scriptures.   In fact you can end up with purely an intellectual understanding of the facts about God, without really knowing Him.  What happens is you end up with knowledge without knowing, do you really want a brain surgeon who only read the books about surgery?

The Tanach teaches that Adam and Eve Knew each other and they “became one.”  Enoch that great mystic figure of the book of Genesis “walked with God and was no more.”

When God encourages us to know or reason with Him, it’s not so we will run to the bookstore in order to keep Barnes & Noble in business, but rather to establish a relationship that leads to the Father Heart of God.  All study of God must be tempered with seeking to know God’s heart or it will lead to vanity, pride and narrowness of mind.

The only Ground upon which you can know God’s Being is a spiritual one for “God is Spirit.” 

This seeking of God in order to know Him must be done with a quiet mind, and without the white noise of what you think you know about an Infinite God. The Pharisees did not see God in their midst in Christ, because the knowledge they had about God became a veil over their souls and a hinderance to their Spiritual Journey.

God is speaking in these days but as always it doesn’t fit what we understand how God did it in the Past.  No I am not drunk as you see I am writing this blog in the morning, but rather “this is that which the prophets spoke about” a move of Gods Spirit.”