Can I get a Witness

Sometimes this is the cry of my life, “Can I get a Witness.” 

As long as things a happening to you. 

As long as your thoughts and emotions dominate your life. 

As long as the interpretations of others dominate your meditations.

Your life is in need of a Witness and believe it or not you are that Witness!

All this stuff is a distraction unless you become the Witness the one behind all the noise and commotion.

Like God you can be engaged in dynamic time and the creative process, but with being the victim or victor.

All things work together for good for the Witness, who is in love.

The Witness who lives in between what I am being to see as The Middle Path, dwells with God while living as the Witness of His/Her life.  What is needed is to take time in order to spend time, in that Space where a Witness lives and has His/Her Being.


GOD IS LOVE (A Love Hermeneutic)

Scripture teaches us that “God is Love” and that “God Loves the World,” now it is not difficult to view the World and struggle to see the God of Love.  The problem here is not with God believe it or not, but with our hermeneutic (which is the way we interpret the world around us.)  Selfishness is a very powerful hermeneutic, pride is another one, when these underlie our interpretations is it any wonder they are Love and therefore God free. 

I see this many times in what passes for debates a total lack of the Love hermeneutic, recently a famous young preacher was talking about the problem with women in leadership.  I was amazed to see how his hermeneutic including everything but love for those whose opposed him.  As a matter of fact when Love is brought up in the midst of these young Lions of Calvin, it is belittled so fast as to make your head spin.  Really they say you are missing so much if you get all caught up in the Love Hermeneutic, its is after all for women and sissy men.  When you reply that Jesus appears to be a sissy man according to their hermeneutic, they quickly make Jesus into a macho, macho man, the kind their own Prideful Hermeneutic requires. 

You see the problem with a Love Hermeneutic is that if it only remains a belief we hold i.e. God is Love, then it is in fact not Love at all.  Because a Love Hermeneutic requires more than a mere intellectual interpretation, to know the God who is Love you have to engage with the subject and not merely analyze it.

God can be seen as a provider because I have needs, therefore without needs God can’t be provider.  This however is a selfish Knowing of God and makes it impossible to move past what God does for us.  I am glad I breath and my heart beats but this brings me no closer to the God who is Love.  God is like the Father that’s never home, because he is out bringing home the bacon and keeping a roof over my head.  This God can be appreciated and even praised for doing a good Job, but how to experience God’s Love is the goal of a Love Hermeneutic. 

John the Apostle helps us here but telling us in order to Love God, we need to Love that which is beyond Selfishness and Pride.  This goes for Salvation as well, praising God that you are chosen and going to heaven is quite frankly just another form of selfishness practiced by all Pharisees.  John says to Love God we must Love the only true Image of God on earth today, and no it not Lovely Jesus except as He’s lives through us.

This will require a Love Hermeneutic that has many risks involved, maybe I should return to a safer hermeneutic with its safe circle driving.  How will I parade my wisdom and defeat my Ideological opponents if I switch to a Love Hermeneutic? 

A man came to Jesus with a question about what was the greatest Law, and Jesus replied that a Love Hermeneutic covers all he needed to know.  Another man asked how to get into the Kingdom of God, and he was told to love those who needed what God had blessed him with.  He preffered to praise a God who had given him the goodies, and that as far as he wished to go with his hermeneutic. 

So if you praise God your chosen, elect, saved and going to heaven you have yet to experience God’s Love.  Because a Love Hermeneutic would find all these blessing as a gift of grace and undeserved.  To find the God of Love one has to risk much, and love as many others and you can.  For God’s Love can be found in the only image of God to be found on earth today, and that is the people that surround you.  Then as you love others without selfishness or pride, I promise you that you will discover the God who is Love.  

One more thing a Love Hermeneutic is full of the miracles of life, and all those deeper aspects of God’s Love that we all so desperately seek.


“When you can’t be with the ONE you Love, Love the the one you’re with.”  STILLS & STEPHEN