Questions & Inquisitions

First let me say Questions are great especially in the search for knowledge and wisdom, but there are questions which have neither of these noble quests in mind.  I have noticed a rise in questions that are purely for the purpose of an Inquisition.  An Inquisition is “an official investigation, especially one of a political or religious nature, characterized by lack of regard for individual rights, prejudice on the part of the examiners, and recklessly cruel punishments.”

There was a man during the Salem Witch Trials whose name was Giles Corey, this brave man refused to plead innocent or guilty.  He correctly understood that to answer that simple question was to justify the validity of the Inquisition.  For this rejection of a Question which was based in an Inquisition he was killed in a very gruesome manner.  Jesus also refused to answer question at his mock trial before Pilot and his accusers, I find it interesting that Satan means accuser in the Hebrew tongue.  The Book of Job opening heavenly scene is Satan asking God Questions, the purpose of which was to destroy what was in balance in order to rule in pride.

This brings me forward to the 21st century and in many respects not much has changed with regards to Questions and Inquisitions.  The other day I read an article where Mark Driscoll was interrogating another Christian and calling him a coward because he held a different interpretation to the Questions.  This kind of stuff goes on all the time especially in religion and politics, both areas where Unity is Vital.  For some though the answer is not a question that leads to Unity but rather leads to Conformity, this is the Inquisition I speak about.

One in which a “Christian” goes up to a person made in the image of God, and then asks “Do you know where you will go if you die today?”  Is it any wonder that many people see God as the lead Inquisitor, and the Jesus Question as the one you must answer their way or else.  What if you asked a person a question in order to learn about them and how you might Unify, but then its just so much easier to view them as Dead and Hell bound.

I encourage you to look at the questions you ask and above all else reject those questions that are based in an Inquisition Mindset.  I understand you have been taught this way but my Friend look at Jesus and see another Way.


Beyond mere Understanding

Most conflicts over God whether they be Nations, Churches, or Individuals come down to the god of our UNDERSTANDING.  How many disputes come down to a dispute over your Understanding of god, the God mind you who says quite clearly is Beyond Understanding.

un·der·stand·ing   Noun:  a mental process of a person who comprehends; comprehension; personal interpretation: My understanding of the word does not agree with yours.* *(see Webster) 

I understand the desire to learn about God I have a great passion for study, and rare is the day you do not see a new book in my kindle or on my coffee table.  What I am talking about is how we take what we have learned, god as we Understand god to be.   Then make it something to be defended and debated, or worse the basis for judgment of others who have a different God of their Understanding. 

In the time of Christ every city had at least one Temple to The god of Their Understanding.  They had much invested in these gods of their Understanding and spared no experience to show their devotion. 

What I believe made Jesus Christ and His disciples unique is that they shared The God of Their Experience, and brought that experience with God’s presence and words where ever they went.  They literally challenged the gods of people’s Understanding not with a competing a Temple and Priesthood, but rather a movement based in Spirit.* *(see Book of Acts) 

A very wise Pastor* *(see Bob) once told me that a man’s spirit always desires that which is higher spiritually, that spirit always takes you higher and deeper.  So these people who merely had a god or gods of their Understanding where spiritually starving to death.  The One True God looked upon this with understanding and mercy,* *(see Romans 2) also seeing that His Temple and Priests did no better with the god of their Understanding.* *(see Acts 15) 

Ok so lets fast forward to the state of this movement of the Spirit of God today, and what do we see?  We see a Church divided not by how much we love and care, but rather divisions over the dod of our UNDERSTANDING, UNDERSTANDING has become our god, little g intended. 

So in an age where information can’t be controlled and the capacity to understand is available to more and more people.* *(see Google et all)   In fact this age has made all mere Understandings of god equal players on the field of the mind, and followers of Jesus just another debate team.

Drive around any town in America and you see Temples again built for the god of their Understanding.  I will add though that this is far superior to many places around the world where only one god of  Understanding is allowed. * *(see Saudi Arabia et all) 

We must move beyond the god of our Understanding if we are going to move beyond the place where Rome was, before it was conquered Spiritually by The God of Jesus , where the experience of Love ruled and God was known Beyond mere Understanding. 

We are starving, I am starving, and the god of our UNDERSTANDING will no longer do.  The next move of the One True God’s Spirit must and has to be BEYOND Mere UNDERSTANDING!


Love is Overrated

So I am having my Car worked on yesterday and one of the Young men behind the Counter begins to try to save my soul.

He tells me that the only thing that matters in life is do you know Jesus and are you going to Heaven?

I asked Him if Jesus knew Him and how was his life going, as it seemed to me he had a number of unresolved issues.

I began to share about the power of God’s love as demonstrated in the life of Christ and the words of His mouth.

He explained that life did not really matter because he had Jesus and Heaven was waiting for him as opposed to me I assume.

Besides he said there is more to this God thing than just Love and that the whole Love thing is overrated, the world he surmised needed some God anger and judgment.

I asked him how those things where working for him in his life and he shared that after his divorce he decided the whole love thing was Overrated.

Someone then messed up my little experiment by telling him I was a Pastor and he began to soften up a little bit, this is why I keep it on the low down I’m a Pastor when out in public.

So he asked me what I thought he should focus on in his life, as a person who was saved and going to heaven?

Love my young friend, Master Love and leave the anger and judgment to God.


Little Wounded Bird

So I am sitting at Starbucks today looking out the window and I notice some small birds getting the crumbs that fall to the concrete.  The best crumbs however are closest to the Starbucks patrons and most of the birdS lack the courage to get close.  Except for one little bird who it appears has a bad leg but the courage of a Lion, then it occurred to me this is how the spiritual life is.

God not looking not for the fittest or the perfect in spite of what many teach, it is not about “Survival of the Fittest” in the Spiritual World.

God seeks the humbled and the word in the Greek means depressed, humiliated, Hurt and Wounded. 

So great courage in the Spirit does not go to Happy but to the Depressed,

not to the Prideful but the Humiliated,

not to the Well but to the Hurt!

This is the Gospel taught and walked by Jesus, so have courage little wounded Bird,

God loves and seeks you…


God in My Mirror…

In my Pride, Resistance

In my Ignorance, Patience

In my Anger, Silence 

In my Sorrow, Sympathy

In my Love, Lover

In my Forgiveness, Forgiver 

In my Judgments, Judge 

In my Tears, Compassion 

In my Mercy, Merciful

In my Poverty, Wealth

In my Seeking, Answer 

In my Silence, Voice

In my Knowledge, Mystery 

In my Life, Breath

In Unity, One



Hello & Goodbye

Life is full of Hello and Goodbye, this is the Natural Flow of any Journey worth taking.  Forgiveness is a lot like Hello and Goodbye, depending on which direction everyone is traveling in.  This is on the face of it neither a judgment nor a dismissal of what went before, but rather how change and transformation unfolds. 

If you hold no grudges in time one can see the subtle hand of gentler spirits, in this Journey called faith.  Sometimes a Goodbye in time can become another Hello but in a different context in time and space.  Other times Hello and Goodbye almost kiss each other in their passing.

This is why it is important to Forgive so that you are free to say Hello or Goodbye and thereby remain open to the voice of God.

Remember you own no relationships they are a gift that you both receive and release.  So fear neither Hello or Goodbye my friends for within those two words is a key to this Journey called Life.