Open Horizons & Discovering God

I’m not sure where you find yourself this January in the year 2012, but I find myself tired of Interpreting instead of Viewing.  For so long I have wanted to dissect and over analyze, especially God who is Infinite Spirit.  

Well no more, I have chosen to share what I am viewing on the expanding Horizons.  I don’t care if anyone thinks I am getting wrong or moving to far away from Terra Firma.  The Key is not to break it down but rather to be in appreciation of its majesty and grandeur.  I have discovered that only answers are found, but realities are discovered.  If I just love what I view without the baggage of anything that looks like a scientific method.  This is what is meant by the phrase ” we have to view things without judgement.”  

You see Jobs questions where a waste of time for when The Voice spoke out of the whirlwind it had something completely different to reveal.  Something that all the questions in the world only served to get in the way, in the way of true spiritual and personal discovery before Open Horizons. The place great I Am that I Am dwells (God is beyond Place) is not designed like a  Petri Dish not matter how elaborate.  

This is intuitive learning and discovery, what is counter intuitive is that we imagine it could be any other way. Just view those Open Horizons with Anticipation without  the expectation of mental presumptions.

Open your eyes with the faith of a Child and you will Discover a whole New World of Open Horizons before you.  Give it a try today but don’t try to hard to understand what can only be received, or the moment will escape you as it has me for many years.