How to overcome your belief in Hell

At first you might think I’ll  just “forget about it” but actually your mind doesn’t work the way.  You see you have to confront the idea and expose it to the truth you always knew deep down inside your spirit, which you ignored and where afraid to vocalize.  Remember though it was you who believed it and it was you who gave it power,so the challenge has to be directed towards your mind.

One way to do it is to watch at everyday people loving each other laughing and playing,then ask yourself did I really believe these people would go to Hell if they don’t believe my churches doctrines?  Another thing to do is to look at pictures of the or all those people killed by Hitler & Pol Pot, and say yourself are all these Jews and Buddhist in Hell because of what I believed?  Notice that we are not trying to find bible verses to counter the other ones you believed without question, remember you can’t get to a new place by using the same old methods.  You see it was your slavish belief in other peoples interpretations of the Bible that got you believing nonsense in the first place.

The last thing you can do is look at pictures of your family and friends and say;  “I no longer believe all these people I love and have loved are in Hell because of my old belief system, my God of Love  is now bigger than that.”


How Literal Hell was Born:

How Literal Hell was Born:

Without Matthew and John’s Penchant for apocalyptic language the whole foundation of literal Hell theologies would crumble in minutes. Now you combine this very over the top Jewish apocalyptic language with the Church of the Dark Ages love of torture and cruel punishment, for those that dare disagreed with it.  

Add to this it’s very LOW view of Humans in general and the distorted teachings of Humans being little more than worms in need of saving.  

Put all this together my friends and you are beginning to understand how the distorted views of Hell came into existence and were birthed from metaphor and cruelty.

Saving people from HELL!


Many well-intentioned people are under the illusion that they save people from Hell.  Now by Hell I mean the Dante version of Hell combined with the idea that we are born blemished and destined for its gates.  Most Christians remember the story and it is a story where Jesus uses the example of a rich man who goes to Hell.  The real moral of the story is that rich man would not rescue someone from Hell on Earth, did you get that because I think it bears repeating until the lie being told as the Gospel is revealed for what it is.

A parable which is a make-believe story told in order to teach the reader a lesson, this parable is not about some pagan view of Hell after death, but Hell right here and right now.  The man in the story represents a view of the world that is all screwed up pardon my french, and to go further the rich man represents cold formalistic Religion.  You see this rich man represents those who have made salvation all about angels and the afterlife.  Now the poor man in the life to come is given the advantages he could have enjoyed in his previous life, if only those with the blessing had focused on Heaven on Earth.  By the life to come I do not mean Heaven or Hell over there, but rather a New Heaven & Earth combination here and now were the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

So the idea of saving people from Hell must become literal to us but not a Hell way out there, which is a religious myth.  A myth created to take people’s minds away from Religions refusal to help in creating Heaven on earth, while building and ever bloated empire for itself.  I live in a town where some of the people creating the most Hell here are those who believe they are saved from Hell out there after death.  As Jesus taught his disciples of which I count myself one it is the eradication of Hell on earth that is the focus of the God of Heaven, and the sooner we start saving people from that Hell the sooner we will truly understand the Real Gospel message of The Kingdom.

Do you see the original gospel is not about saving people from Hell over there, but rather from Hell right here and right now.  It’s a movement of transformation not of earths escape to Heaven, but Heavens infiltration of earth and the displacement of Hell everywhere we find it, and the rest literally takes care of itself!