So have you ever been Bushwhacked by a Christian who is just dying to tell you the fate of your Soul?  So as usual I find myself at Starbucks but this time at the mall in Temecula, I should have bought its stock instead of Wamu.  I am having a conversation with my son that I live for, after all it’s not just Coffee!  I tell you that once you develop the skill you can can spot these people who are so convinced they know something. The truth is many Christians are only convinced that they are convinced, and when they gather it is an exercise in circular reasoning.

So as I am leaving I go ahead and bit the rather sad bait he has out there, that bate being a book of poem He has on the table.  I ask him if he is the author of the book and he responds in the affirmative.  He hands me the book and turn to a page for me to read but I tell him I am a fan of serendipity and I open to a random poem.  It is a rather good poem on suffering and I tell him it reminds me of some things Saint John of Cross had said.  Of course he’s not listen to me because he is there to Bushwack me, and my serendipity is not the following the script he has written.  So he opens to the page he wanted me to read in the first place and a poem about my destiny in Hell, which I assume he believes will spark a question from me.  Instead I said that is a very dark and sad poem and may God bless him, as he sat back to Bushwhack someone else.  Because after all he doesn’t need a conversation with a person made in the image of God, he’s got other ducks to shoot.

As I walk out side I ask my son what Kind of Person waits in Starbucks with a book of their own poems in order to Bushwhack someone, the Consensus is a lonely one…  ANZAHOLYMAN

Fear of The Dark


 There is a line from a Garth Brooks song ” we all come in saying Gettie Up and we all go out saying Woa”.   Now lest we forget Jesus did check with the father to  see if there was an alternative time-line but death and darkness was waiting for him.  The key however is in another phrase Jesus speaks when he says “no man takes my life but I give it willingly.”  Time-lines are a Father thing but willing choices are a man thing and in this, we have the chance to enter in to this Life, Death and Resurrection process.  Lets face it we hate the death of anything in our lives and if it’s a good thing we fight it even more the Darkness we do not know.  How much easier would our Spiritual Journeys be if we willingly died instead of being brought kicking and screaming into every transformation?  So what’s the problem you ask, well because you asked I will venture a quess, “Fear of the Dark” plan and simple.  Although there is no Darkness in God for “God is Light” none the less This God who is Light is very often found in The Darkness.  Darkness when ventured into willing with complete surrender and trust, is in fact the place where Resurrection Life flows from.  This is the wonderful picture of the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest, it is a place of peace where all work comes to an end.  All that is left to do is wait upon the Spirit of the Most High God to resurrect you from your rest from struggle.  Darkness is the place you willingly commit your body & soul, as your spirit sores to God the Father.   Then a divine reuniting and the dawning of a New Day but you must wait for it, remain still in the cool of the dark for no harm shall come to you, for you have sown in faith.  There is a Ghost who shall come to meet you in this Dark place, that’s right I said a Ghost, The Holy Ghost that is, so there is no need to Fear the Dark for the light of God shines out of a dark Place.

More to Come