Jose Jalapeno on a Predestined Stick

Don’t be upset with me if (I) choose not to be Jose Jalapeno on a Predestined Stick.

If the world around (me) looks full of Future Possibilities that God is Open to.

If (I) don’t serve a God who’s Predestined Stick is up every ones Backside.

If (my) God makes a choice for Libertarian Freedom,

and not the Stick of Predestination.

Keep your Stick firmly embedded if it brings you Determined Certainty.

(I) on the other Hand prefer a more Open and Comfortable relationship with my God.

One in which (my) Movements and our Shared Future is less Constricted and Predestined.


Why I am no Longer a Hyper Calvinist

1. Love of the non-elect and the stranger outside the gate.

2.  My chest was sore from constantly beating it. 

3.  I could not preach one more horse race I thought was fixed,

while pretending it was exciting.  

4. The idea of babies in Hell,

was in the end beyond the pale. 

5.  I grew weary of Calvin interpreter (——– ) worship,

you fill in the blank all you cubs out there.

6. I pondered that maybe God’s love was not held subject to His Sovereignty, 

and that His Honor did not Trump His Mercy.

7.  I realized God created more flowers than just Tulips,

8.  I no longer believed God was a control freak,

who had to double down on Predestination.

9. I got tired of being verbally aggressive,

while seeing heretics behind every new idea.  

10. I realized I was predestined and called to reject Hyper Calvinism,

what else could I do?


Calvin & Job (The Great Debate)

Job:  The Lord gives and The Lord takes away blessed be His name.

CalvinYou are absolutely correct Job for God is Sovereign.

Job: I am blameless and upright before my God.

Calvin: I’m sorry Job but you do err in not knowing how to rightly divide the word.

Job:  What word are you talking about Calvin.

Calvin:  The word of God starting with the book of Genesis and proceeding to the Book of Revelation.  In that Book it is declared that all have fallen short of the glory of God.  Further more you are dead in your trespasses and sins, you were born spiritually dead.

Job:  No I was born a Human being in the Image of God, my father taught me to honor God and make sacrifice.

Calvin:  You where born guilty in the sight of God, according to the clear teaching of Scripture. 

Job: No I was born with the same potential to serve God as was any Human ever Born. 

Calvin:  You have broken God’s Law and He demands Perfection.

Job: What Law?

Calvin: The covenant Law given to Moses. 

Job: Sorry I’m drawing a blank here Calvin but maybe where there is no Law it can’t be broken. 

Calvin: You sound like a Pelagian Heretic.

Job:  No I am a servant of the God whose name I do not know, and I am blameless and upright before His eyes.

Calvin: but you need to be perfect in His eyes.

Job: Says who?

Calvin: Basically  any body whose somebody in the church world from Anselm to Me.

Job:  Sounds complicated I think I will stick with my simple faith and conscience.

Calvin:  Well broad is the way that leads to destruction. 

Job: I will stick with my God and my  proclamation of Innocence, God is mighty to save. 

Calvin: On that we agree Job.

GOD: So do I 

Satan:  I tend to agree with Calvin 

God: You would.