Omni presence Medtation……

During Meditation I have found a way not to struggle or merge with my thoughts, I begin by observing without effort any sound or body sensation. Now it goes without saying but I will say it anyway, “where your awareness is there you are”. The first thing you will notice is that awareness itself takes no effort at all, if someone was to pinch you it would take no effort to be aware of the discomfort (although you as awareness are not the discomfort but merely aware of it).
So when you find that quiet spot inside or outside allow yourself effortlessly to become aware of the sounds, sights and sensations of your surroundings. As you do this things will begin to present themselves to your awareness but do not merge with them, (although later this can become a oneness merging exercise you might enjoy).
Lets take the example of being outside and feeling a slight coolness on the surface of your skin the point here is not the cool feeling, but rather that your awareness has now moved to the surface of your skin, ( you just moved effortlessly from within your body to without). Let me give you one more example that being a bird singing or the sounds of wind through the trees. once again it is not about the sound but the fact that effortlessly your awareness has now moved beyond the bounds of your body altogether.
I think you get the point here but let me add that as you practice this you will discover you can be both within and without at the same time, your awareness can in fact be effortlessly Omni present. Anyway give this a try next time you do your meditations and what you will discover is thoughts are a waste of time compared to the presence of your awareness floating about the landscape.

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