Yahweh Akbar in the name of Jesus

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This is what Christian Fundamentalism has come down to in my humble and albeit Vedic Jesus opinion,(Yahweh Akbar in the name of Jesus.)  It sounds no different in its intolerance of all those who refuse to see “it” their way or if you like “The way God has declared in His Holy Word” then the radical Muslim Islamist.  Jesus is gone and been replaced with that cold-blooded blood demanding Yahweh creation of those tribes called Israel.  Yes the word mercy is used but only if you submit, yes the word love is used but only if you obey the keepers of the book and holy ceremonies.  Where is the love, where is the Sermon on the Mount, is it any wonder one of their favorite books is the Book of Revelation?

It is time for all those lovers of the Jesus who represented the El of Creation to fully reject (Yahweh Akbar in the Name of Jesus) theology.  I mean just lay it down and abandon it with all the haste of leaving a building on Fire!  The time has come to reject this anti-Christ who has invaded the church over the centuries with all the subtilty of a snake.  People this Jesus has merely become the front man for the cult of (Yahweh Akbar)!

Bill Langill jr.

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