If God were The Ocean

If God were the Ocean

and all us the creatures within

you could be in a different Sea but

always the same Ocean.

You could choose to leap out of the Ocean

and that moment would not need to be known in advance

because the Ocean would be there to release and receive you

upon your return in joy.

Where you might be in the future is of no importance

for you would never be out of contact with the Ocean

therefore where you are is unity and fully known.

The Ocean itself is not static but in constant motion,

itself apart of the whole picture and fully participating .

The Ocean is both some were else and always near,

it’s total scope beyond your comprehension

and yet one could never be more in union then were you are.

The Ocean would not want my praise for I would be its praise,

so as I leap from its surface and search its depths

I say Praise for the Ocean and the Ocean says

praise for the life that teems and grows

within my boundaries.


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