Between Cause and Effect (Agnostic Nirvana)

More and more I realize that the potential in conscious awareness lies between Cause & Effect. It is where the essence which is you dwells, it is the undiscovered territory the place between breaths. So many try to convince us we are a mere product of chance or divine over control.  There is truth there to be sure, but what do any of us lose by reserving the mustard seed between Cause @ Effect?  Why do so many try so hard to kill the dream that is you, the one who lives between material life and death and the preachers heaven hell.  Is it fear, the need for control, arrogance or perhaps even ignorance?  I believe we are more than the mere result of Cause & Effect be it material, divine or both.  It’s not a big space or even materially measurable, but it’s potential is infinite.  The Novelty of the idea at least is worth a little bit of our time, don’t surrender the wondrous possibilities for those pat answers so often spoken from pulpit & lectern.   Strange that something beyond mass and measurement is dismissed so often and yet it is agnostic nirvana
for those weary of the arrogant certainties of theism and atheism alike.


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