What is important about a light bulb is not the filament or the glass but the light.
 And what is important about each of us is not the body and its nerves but the consciousness that shines through them.
  And when one lives for that instead of for protection of the bulb one is in Buddha consciousness.
  But what do our religions actually teach.
 Not the way to an experience of identity with the Godhead since that is the prime heresy according to them,  but the way and the means to establish and maintain a relationship to a named God.
 And how is such a relationship to be achieved.
Only through membership in a certain supernaturally endowed uniquely favored social group.
The Old Testament has a covenant with a certain historic people, the only holy race, the only holy thing in fact on earth, and according to Christians they can only get in on that through the incarnation of Christ Jesus who is to be known as true God and true man, which in the Christian view is a miracle whereas in the Orient everyone is to be known as true God and true man.
  And how do we confirm in life our relationship to that one and only God Man.
 Through baptism and thereby spiritual membership in his Church which is to say, once again through a social instruction.
 Our whole knowledge to the universally known guiding symbols of the unfolding mysteries has been by the way of the claims of these two self sanctified historical social groups( Christianity and Judaism),.
And the claims of both have today been disqualified, historically, astronomically, biologically and every other way and everybody knows it.
 No wonder our clergymen look anxious and their congregations confused.
 The sacrifice of Jesus was not as a payment to the father in atonement for Adams sin.
 Rather it was an act of willing self immolation in love, intended to invoke in response the return of mankind’s love from worldly concerns, to God.

Joseph Campbell

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