How to overcome your belief in Hell

At first you might think I’ll  just “forget about it” but actually your mind doesn’t work the way.  You see you have to confront the idea and expose it to the truth you always knew deep down inside your spirit, which you ignored and where afraid to vocalize.  Remember though it was you who believed it and it was you who gave it power,so the challenge has to be directed towards your mind.

One way to do it is to watch at everyday people loving each other laughing and playing,then ask yourself did I really believe these people would go to Hell if they don’t believe my churches doctrines?  Another thing to do is to look at pictures of the or all those people killed by Hitler & Pol Pot, and say yourself are all these Jews and Buddhist in Hell because of what I believed?  Notice that we are not trying to find bible verses to counter the other ones you believed without question, remember you can’t get to a new place by using the same old methods.  You see it was your slavish belief in other peoples interpretations of the Bible that got you believing nonsense in the first place.

The last thing you can do is look at pictures of your family and friends and say;  “I no longer believe all these people I love and have loved are in Hell because of my old belief system, my God of Love  is now bigger than that.”


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