So it is no secret that I have left a fundamentalist view of Christianity and I make no attempt to hide that fact.  The view that only Born Again people go to heaven and everyone else goes to Hell forever, well if you lived in my little town for 25 years like I have and known a great many people who hold this view and watched their life, you would understand why I think it’s an absurd proposition.  I have been accused of throwing out the Baby with the bath water, the Baby presumably is Jesus as well as my Salvation.  The truth is the metaphor is severely lacking in that it’s too black and white for my tastes.  What I have discovered is that what is happening in my life and the life of many other people is more akin to the reality show “Gold Rush.”   You see many of us are discovering that the Gold that was and is Jesus, has been covered up By much man made church dirt.  We however found a few nuggets and now have gone Gold crazy and can’t process the dirt fast enough.    


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