A Revelation

I can remember when I was studying the Book of Revelation for a teaching @ my previous fellowship, when I realized that the writer was changing the very nature of Jesus.  The more I studied the more I realized the teaching lessons I was contemplating were going to get me in Big Trouble and rightly so, with the Biblical infallibility people at my fellowship.  I never got to give that study or the one on Hell it just wasn’t in the cards, and my mind was changing faster then even I realized. Now I am more convinced then ever that the Book of Revelation was a power grab, and a total misrepresentation of the Jesus who walked this earth, a book which has done far more damage to the Name of Christ and the actual power of his life and words.  

p.s. this book introduced a violent & vengeful Jesus into the church conversation, which some are recovering from.  For instance a Jesus who would punish children for the sins of their parents, or slay his enemies with the sword.  I’ll stick with the Sermon on the Mount thank you very much.


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