No god need apply….


Any Spiritual or Religious endeavor that does not seek to help you discover who you uniquely are in this universe, and instead puts your focus on an external, separate and perfect god.  A god who is outside of time and space, unmoved and dispassionate about the vast universe and your role in it, this god is not a good use of our energies.

First that god as a Sufi mystic said is not real and indeed no god is real.  Instead a Being who could bring such a diverse universe into actualization but not out of nothing, should have an vested interest in the the unfolding of that creation rather than a god to be worshiped, feared and adored as a god personification..

This is in fact the picture painted by Jesus and many other spiritual mystics, a Being beyond Hellenistic infinity god concepts.  A Being in love with the creation, fully and subtlety involved and infused within it all.  A Being greater than the sum of the individual parts and yet so connected as to never be separate from it’s unfolding in relationship.

This Being who in fact is not a god to be worshiped but rather one that dances when you dance, sings when you sing and loves when you love.  A Being as Jesus taught to be served by serving each other and the creation. A Being served by discovering how to make life better for all creatures big and small.  A Being not in need of a name or a sacrifice to be a appeased, but rather a Being of light, love & spirit. A Being who as the apostle Paul said desires nothing more than to be all in all, without the loss the one unique thing no matter how small.


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