Freedom from Religion

The idea postulated by many BUT not all religions is this:


God has lost the present perfect state of the universe,

and it’s all somebodies fault.


You are born with a debt to pay for either a previous life,

or a sin committed buy the Original Pair of Human Beings.


God loves you but the inherent flaws in your Humanity

make it impossible for direct contact,

due to your less than perfect performance

in a past life or as a born sinner.


That God has ordained systems that can help us

overcome and even shortcut this universal dilemma,

and that obedience to these systems will result in



or some form

of oneness. 


The truth is you are born with a clean slate and religion lied to you,

all true teachers from God have taught this message of Freedom. 

Truthfully what we need right Now in this 21st century is a

Freedom from Religion and it’s bondage  to systems,

All born of the flesh and no more,

with just enough truth to entrap those born free.

You were born spiritually free it’s your God given right

and there is a growing awareness in the spirit of Humanity

that Religion has not told the whole truth. 

The Truth is,

Heaven is Here,

Nirvana is Now,

and Oneness,

is your birthright!



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