Quantum God


Quantum God is best expressed by the phrase

“God causes the rain to fall on good people and not so good people.”

The idea of performance religion is dying a very slow death but it is dying none the less.

Literally it just is, or as Paul teaches if All are out then All are in, there is no special group.

Unless you think knowing about universal truth makes you special,

which is silly if you stop to think about it.

Look around the world at all the people performing for the love of their performance based Gods.

Jesus teaches it’s really simple as matter of fact it’s so simple it’s childlike,

it’s all available all the time.

Words like Chosen, Elect, Ummah,

these are the dangerous ideas in a quantum age.

If as we are told God is no respecter of persons,

then we must stop pretending it’s any other way but wide open.

Take your chances like everybody else and step right up to the greatest show on earth!


a recovering Hell Fire & Brimstone preacher.

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