Bad Form!


A friend called me last night to talk about a memorial service for a  young man who died in a tragic car accident, taken in the prime of his life @ 22 years young  a family and community are devastated.  What made this situation even worse was a Born Again Preacher who doesn’t know the Gospel of Love, preaching a lie that will hurt many precious souls for a long time to come .  You see this young man had committed the unforgivable sin in this Pastor’s eyes, he had not said the magical sinners prayer and joined the local Born Again Cult.  So during this Pastor’s pathetic sales pitch for being born again, he tells a story about how he himself almost died in a motorcycle accident and but by the grace of God he did not, because he goes on to say had he died at that time he would have gone to Hell forever! 

Bad Form Pastor you just told this young mans family that their son is in hell for eternity!  

Band Form Pastor someone needs to teach you the true message of the Love of God in Christ! 

Bad Form Pastor someone needed to scream at the top of their lungs, Jesus never taught this lie! 

Bad Form Pastor someone needed to say sit down and shut up, your making a fool of God and His Christ!


a Recovering Fundamentalist Preacher

4 thoughts on “Bad Form!

  1. Wow, a little sensitivity training in order perhaps? My heart goes out to this young man’s family for their tragic loss and for the added hurt that was thrust upon them. My husband and I went to Comic Con last month and outside the convention center there were multiple groups (dueling preachers?), some with bullhorns, shouting about God’s wrath on unrepentant sinners. No one thought to instead proclaim God’s deep love for us and desire to have an intimate relationship with us. Needless to say, they were completely ineffective. People just ignored them and walked by. We could only shake our heads. They truly were just clanging symbols. If I have not love, I am nothing.

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