Anza Meditation Group


So I thought I would talk a little about meditation today and how we are practicing it @ Emerging Love Fellowship.  It is based on a few principles the first one being God is not hiding and can be found but that those that seek God must do so in spirit and truth.  The truth is there no wall between us and God other than our preoccupation with the material world and our constant thinking about it.  The second principle is that God is found in silence as a very quiet presence and that words or ideas about God are not the same a being in God’s presence.  This is a place (Meditation) that your theology or doctrine about God has no relevance, it is a deception that God cares more about your ideas then loving union in spirit.

Now I would like to explain about our Meditation practice which meet on Wednesday at 6pm .  Our meditations last for about 45 minutes but we started @ 30 minutes and gradually worked our way up to 45 minutes.  We also start with a reading on the subject of meditation and we feel free to use any source that aids us in going deeper in our meditation.

We encourage people to be comfortable what ever that means to them, sitting on the floor or in a chair.  Back straight if that’s comfortable for you remember the creator of the universe is not as hung up on form as some think.  Personally I sit in a chair back straight with my feet on the floor, I like to be barefoot or just socks but then that’s just me, and I keep the palms of my hands up and resting comfortably on thighs.

Our meditation begins with a gentle gong sound which then sounds about every 15 minutes during the meditation.  I call this the tether because it allows your mind not to focus on how long the meditation has been going, when you hear the gentle gong you know where you are at throughout the whole meditation.  This seems like a simple idea but it’s very important because it allows the freedom not to have to think about duration and focus on going deeper.

We also have very a gentle sound with no words going on in the background as a spiritual white noise, we have chosen to use Wayne Dyers I Am meditation CD and have found it very helpful in going deeper.  Deeper in meditation is our goal as well as remaining in those deep places for longer periods of time without the chatter of the mind breaking in.  I will say this one thing at this point, the purpose of meditation is NOT to think Nothing but rather to focus your awareness on union with the Source of your being.

Controlling your breathe is critical to going deep in your meditation we start with an exhale and then a deep inhale but always making your breath cycle rhythmic and calm, nothing should be forced.  Along with your rhythmic and calm breathing is the use of a word or mantra if you will, some have called this the sacred word or phrase.  As you inhale consider that an ascension breathe and at the top of that breathe you rest and release the word or short phrase into the deep as you exhale.  The purpose of the word or phrase is not to focus on the word but to offer it as your intention to wait and dwell in the presence of the Divine.  If you find thoughts rushing in don’t judge them or yourself we all have them, but rather return to rhythmic and calm breathe and your sacred word or phrase and just let the thought drift out like it drifted in.

When the last gong is sounded and the meditation music has ended there needs to be a cooling down period of about 3 minutes, this is out of respect for being in the presence of the Divine.  Then we close in a prayer but we do not ask for things or deal with problems as that is not the purpose of meditation.  Rather we focus on Loves growth both within and without us as a result of union with Divine love.  There are no set prayers but one person says the prayer or affirmation if you prefer and then everyone says Om, Shalom, Amen, very slowly while trying to make it vibratory as well as audible.   The prayer could begin something like this “Beloved God, Friend, Spirit we thank you for your presence and desire to grow in union with you in love and to see it transform us and world around us.”   Followed by very slowly  ommmmmm, shalommmmm, amennnnnnn. the focus is on the m and n sound of the word in unison which when done together creates a very powerful sense of unity and confirmation deep within your soul.  Then quietly people are allowed to rejoin the material world refreshed and having dwelt in unity with the creator of the universe and each other without words.

Feel free if you would like any more information or are close by and would like to attend our Anza Meditation group to email me @ or call @ 760/522/0648.

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