Dehumanization: Why I Left the Church I Knew

A young persons thoughts we need to listen…

The Discerning Christian

There is much ado about the “millennials” going around right now, of which I am a part. We’re doing a lot of unusual things, and among them we’re leaving the church. To explain us, everyone is throwing around the latest surveys and conjecture. I don’t mean to stifle good analysis, but why not just ask one of us? Since I’m a millennial, allow me to give you a sense of perspective. The situation is much worse than anyone has really had the courage to say. So, strap in and prepare to take a hard look at what we commonly accept about church.

leviathanThe fact is that the church has tried to strip us of our identities. The individual exists to give power to the collective identity, not to exist as himself or herself. If you have thoughts or feelings — or worse, if you act — contrary to the…

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