The Original Gospel (It’s Family Thing)


The Original Gospel doesn’t start in Genesis 3 and Eve’s fondness for fruit, but rather it starts in Genesis one and the Godhead’s dialogue about a larger family.  You see it’s about the future the Gospel that is, and God’s desire to increase the size and scope of His kingdom of which there will be no end.  It’s about the process of raising a family and as everybody knows it takes a Family to raise a Family, Father, Son and Spirit.  Jesus is not plan B after the fall of humanity in their Humanness, but rather He is the prototype of a New Humanity Divine/Human, there has only been one plan or process from the beginning.

You think it’s all about sin and God’s plan to over come a simple choice so He can tolerate to be in our presence?   You think Loving Jesus came to protect you from an angry Holier than thou God, who keeps a record of all your sins and failures?  Wrong, wrong, wrong it’s about a Families Love Father, Son & Spirit for the adopted children and fully inherited ones at that complete in every way.   It’s about a Divine Family love that has and will span all space and time, sin and struggle, a love that wins, Kingdoms without end amen!


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