Let me tell you whats wrong with this message 1st this man believes that from the teachings of Jesus and Paul we learn that all people who never heard of Jesus or never receive Jesus go to Hell. This man cries and He should because he is teaching His people that 6 million Jews are in Hell along with the Nazis that killed and burned them once already. I don’t care how many verses he says prove this doctrine of his, it was not what Jesus actually taught nor Paul or Peter. It is the worst manipulation of the words of Jesus and His apostles to say they actually taught this monstrosity of Hyper Calvinist doctrine and dogma.
Notice he implies and he is consistent that for people who don’t hear it’s just to bad for them we just need to know if we are saved, yea that’s real good news for all those killed in the holocaust and if that doesn’t make you question this stuff I can’t help you.
Pastor Bill Langill jr.

Tears for Hell

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