I was asked by an internet friend to say a few words on a topic (Sin Consciousness) I brought up in last Sundays message so here it goes.

   When I was little by every Wednesday we would be walked over to the church by sister Mary Ruth for sin confession.   It was fun to get out of class and many times as a child you had to work really hard to come up with some sins, so as to not disappoint the priest hearing your confession.  This is the case in most sacrificial religious systems that the focus is not on what you did well or what dreams you have of your future, but rather what did you do wrong in the past.  You see I was told God is perfect and well you should know by now what I am after all they told you too over and over again, a sinner by nature and nurture.   You are in need God’s  forgiveness after all it’s best not to let  sins accumulate in your life, or as a protestant you are a sinner saved by grace and you better remember that fact on a regular basis in song and message.

     As I child I always thought more highly of myself (my Nature) then did those in charge of my spiritual training and that seems in hide-sight to be wrong.  As a Child I never had a problem with God or having open and free conversations on a regular basis, like a good friend it never occurred to me to start with I’m Sorry before we fellowship-ed.   I had to be taught all the juicy concepts of Original Sin and much later Total Depravity, these self defeating ideas became a huge wall eventually between me and my God.  But I have come to understand that these religious systems needed me to be a bad boy, in order to assure my return and adherence to their dogmas and doctrines. 

I as the sinner am the fodder for the whole religious system the scapegoat if you will and  the door keepers and priests of sacrifice need my sinning ways.   One system said to me just come back once a week and you’ll be OK as long as you remember who you really are (sinner) and how badly you need our services.  The other system said you as a (sinner) have been eternally forgiven for being guilty as sin so you don’t have to ask men for forgiveness.   You just have to confess all we say it all means and then sing about it and teach others that we all deserve Hell and God’s wrath, as sinners saved by grace through faith alone.

     At some point I began to realize it wasn’t God who needed me to be a sinner, it was the religious systems of men that desperately needed me to buy into their concepts of sin consciousness.  I mean how often in a healthy relationship do you have to keep giving thanks for either being forgiven or not being sent to Hell for being what they said you were.  This is a very unhealthy way to see yourself to say the least, all of us have been in a relationship with an insecure person and you know how much fun that is.  Now when that person is a separate persona within yourself, how do you ever escape the insanity of that mindset and belief system? 

     Well for me it became obvious that the belief systems I had been taught had to be given a second look, in light of the Loving God of my real (spiritual) understanding.  As I began to look at my scriptures it became clear I hand been told a story about an angry God who needed to be appeased with an offering, but I began to see another story just as plausible and full of creativity and freedom for my soul.  That freedom which I knew intrinsically and intuitively as a child with a God knowledge not taught by the sacrificial systems of men.   One in which I was here for a purpose and that purpose was not to be a scapegoat for some religious system but rather a co-creator and divinely Human, that is what I Am after all.  So am I a sinner as they told me is that my core identity, well the answer to that question depends on who my God is.  Is my God the one the system needs in order to maintain their world view, which by the way is a complete failure. 

No my God is the one that has loved me from the beginning which beginning needs no further explaination, but you make mistakes yea so what?  I am learning slowly and with great tenderness from the Spirit, what it is like to be a loved for who I was made to be.   That person much like in my youth is thought of more highly by God then the religious system taught me.

  So what did Jesus do on the cross and how will God be appeased? I so sorry you are so knee deep in your own sin consciousness that that seemed like a plausible question to you.  God was in Christ as the scriptures teach expressing the love and faith for our future that was from the beginning, “be fruitful and grow in your divine destiny.”   What about the fall, who shall save me, again I speak the words of God “get up and be not afraid my daughter and son, don’t you know the thoughts I have always had towards you?”

     I Am not at my core being a sinner saved by grace, I Am at my core being a son of God empowered by grace, I don’t need forgiveness nearly as much as I need direction and encouragement.  When I come before God I do not hear the words “now what did you do” but rather ” I love You.”   You are on a very long adventure and mistakes are a part of your learning curve, you are neither the journey nor the mistakes you make along the way, You are You loved before the foundations of the world! 

Look my friend the narrative you choose is the journey you will walk in this life, so just pick up a new story and start living.  Will you sin you bet you will, but if your not recording them as God is not then you’ll see your humanity for what it is, the greatest opportunity God has ever given you.   So live as the daughter and son of God you are, and be free from this worlds Sin Consciousness

in Jesus Name.


2 thoughts on “SIN CONSCIOUSNESS

  1. when you refer to yourself as I AM, are you aware that you using God’s Name in vain? You most certainly are not I AM!

  2. If I meant it the way you put it you would be correct but if I refer to the teaching of Jesus that we are all god’s then indeed I Am apart of the great I Am, and further more that is our reality and our destiny.

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