5 thoughts on ““A STARTLING FACT”

  1. Would you be so kind as to explain what source(s) you are using as a basis for what ‘Jewish Jesus’ did and did not say?

  2. It is a play on words, where by Jesus is not made to be the mouth piece of fundamentalist Christianity. That in fact Jesus did not teach the doctrines of Christianity are self evident by taking his words within their Jewish and cultural context rather then a gentile theological context created whole clothe out some of his words many years later. Jesus is not actually allowed to speak for himself when it comes to the churches dogma and doctrines. When the day comes when Christ actually speaks in the church it just might start looking more like Him. For me in order to follow Jesus as he lived and toughed people, one would need to ignore most of christian teaching concerning what they say his life was all about.

  3. Interesting. Do you consider any parts of the New Testament itself to be among the misguided ‘gentile theological context’, or are you referring to later, post-biblical writings/traditions which have been largely accepted by major denominations?

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