Prophet Seers

Writer Dylan Morrison

What exactly is a prophet seer?

Is it some weird guy or gal who dresses strangely and appears to have lost his metaphysical marbles?

Is it a sharp suited spiritual salesman who prays or prophesies over a willing victim at the drop of a religious hat?

Thankfully, I believe the prophet seer to be neither.

Authentic prophet seers are, in my experience, fairly well-balanced individuals, gracious, unassuming messengers of Divine Love.

Most usually walk with a psycho-spiritual limp, the evidence of their ego struggles with Spirit Breath. Something harsh has been removed from their natural buoyancy and replaced with a drop of Heaven’s Essence.

Strangers in the world and yet grounded men and women with a compassion for all, the prophet seers are often walking paradoxes that can’t be easily understood by the trained dogmatic mind.

‘But prophets are no longer among us’, cries the religious dispensationalist, hurriedly turning to…

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3 thoughts on “Prophet Seers

  1. I get what this is,saying. Unfortunately, it is a,rare occurance to meet people operating in this capacity, being guided by the very Spirit of God. Or is it just that religion/s have a death grip on us all??? That we are afraid? That we do not wish to make some sort of blasphemous mistake? What is it do you think? I really liked this read.

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