One thought on “Small Beginnings part 2

  1. Have you ever heard someone say, “Talk to your plants. They like it. They do better when you show them love.” Sounds a bit “out there” at first, but there’s something calming about the notion, so much that it’s easy to subscribe to that theory and one actually hopes it be true. Seems like a pleasant enough task. Then there’s that voice of logic and reason which beckons us to take that simple leap of faith and exercise it, in the privacy of our own home that is. We, on some level, desire a positive and reassuring experience with something not seen and not wholly understood. After all, plants are so simple in their purpose and existence. We invite them into our lives to keep us company and adorn our surroundings. We often take them for granted, but when they are in a state of distress, we take it personally and stand by rooting for them to make it.
    I recently filled up my small space with five more plants and they are all a good size. Several went through shock and quickly lost many or their leaves. It aggravated me. How much did I spend on that one…!! Good thing I waited before buying an expensive pot! I stopped “talking” to them during this period. But, every day, I gave them a spray with the water bottle and every week I watered them in the shower and turned the shower head on. For the most part, they’re tropical, so I tried to imitate their natural habitat. Then, it became quite apparent that they were pulling out of their shock and were putting out a slew of new growth.
    When I have been in a meditative mind and a mellow mood, my attention has turned to my plants. I sit and stare at them and listen to what they are saying to me. They have life’s lessons in their history. A death, as you will, has given room for newness of growth. The tender young sprouts are more attractive than the mature leaves. With a few of them, the sprouts are tightly bound with each other, almost as a way to survive the trying conditions they will soon encounter. Much like a child leaving the womb or young families protecting each other.
    But the greatest lesson I have been taught is this. If it is a common belief that plants have an intelligence and yes, perhaps even a spirit of their own, then how can we think for a sane moment that we are the Alpha and Omega. If it is true that a relationship between us and all living things can be experienced, then who and what is the Creator and overseer of life? If there is indeed that much order to the Universe and we possess the capacity to accept the profound beauty in the simplest of It’s examples, why in God’s world do we draw the line to how far our knowledge and understanding can go. If we came into this life with an intelligent spirit intact, well, so did the plants. The gospel I embrace is a living gospel which is an endless fountain of truth and fulfillment of it’s discovery. All things were created spiritually: then temporally. Revelation, to me, is no more or less than receiving knowledge from the purest of sources, unadulterated.
    If and when I lose that faith, I am more than ready to abandon myself and let my house plants dry up and die.

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