Accidents & God

Does God know about accidents before they happen and allow them in order to teach us something?  For me it is clear that God is not in control when it comes to accidents, they fall into a different category altogether.  Accidents are for me outside of divine providence but not design and actually fall into the combination of the natural risk taking of freewill beings as well the unpredictability of the cosmos at a quantum level.  God does not cause accidents nor does God foreknow individual accidents although present in the moment they are created by chance, laws, chaos and will. The Hebrews scriptures start with God giving man a fairly large measure of freedom with regards to the creation or rather his environment.

So God is present during and after but not involved in a proactive way with the creative and risk taking process  We are human and quite frankly our freedom allows us the liberty to take chances and most of us do it every day, sometimes we take shorts cuts and they work out and other times they go wrong terribly wrong.  There is no evidence that at any time in the past everything was perfect and then it became less certain, in fact it appears a certain amount of unpredictability was in fact built into the creation from the start.  At a subatomic level I am told most of the rules we understand gravity, mass etc. are out the door.   It is this area I believe accidents fall under, an accident is many times a chance we decided to take when we dance with the material world.  Sometimes we pull it off as a matter of fact most times we pull it off, and sometime we get caught out in storm, people do get hit by lightning and bit by snakes.  They also discover an new route or invention as well as new horizons and friends.  Other times we are in the wrong place at the accidental time and someone who decided to try to get home after drinking to much crashes into us.   Other times accidents are random just like the butterfly effect, as it has been said we live in a world and indeed a universe where “stuff happens.”

Accidents however serve a purpose they are apart of the creative process and as long as we are free and moving forward in this material universe, we will come face to face with the latent potential of accidents.  Truth be told accidents are needed for wisdom & the creative process, as well as an opportunity for mom to put a band aid on your booboo.  Accidents slow us down and put a kink in the process and in the end it works, and I believe God knows it works in an ever open and unfolding universe and spirituality.

So where is God in all this I’m sorry didn’t I mention Mom with the band aid ready to give love and comfort, most of the time through the very creatures made in his image who take chances or just run into random accidents. Truth be told sometimes you do get that impression to slow down, take it easy and come back tomorrow, sometimes you listen, other times Mom is there afterwards.


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