Saying NO to God

In sales there is an old saying, “that a NO is just a request for more information.”  I am amazed how many time people say NO to God and that God doesn’t leave the conversation but digs in more in order to close the sale.  The reason for this in my mind is quite simple, more explanation is required between the finite and the infinite.  We are full of misunderstanding, doubt not to mention our own agendas and understanding of God. Imagine how Patient God must be in order that He might explain His ideas and plans to finite humans.  God I am quite sure expects a NO, anyone in an evolving relationship should not be surprised by a NO.

So God is talking to Moses its a big scene burning bush, holy ground. thunder, lighting and the ground shaking.  Moses is respectful but dubious at the same time, the more God talks the less Moses is buying.  Moses says NO I think you have the wrong guy, this is what a person with a shattered self-image would say.  God it appears expects a little more cooperation from Moses and begins to show a little frustration with Moses.

Relationships that last the test of time are all about negotiation not dictation, oh the infinite patience of God.  You have to stick with what you started, and God is “all in” concerning the destiny of Mankind.  Moses gets extras from God a Name never uttered before, a front man to do the talking and a magic stick.  You see it pays to say NO to God if you want to get the pot sweetened a little bit.

What ever you do though don’t be like Jonah, who said NO and ran from the conversation, remember one can’t outrun the “Hound of Heaven.”  If however you stay in the game, God not a bad partner to have in this journey called life.


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