Now in Judaism the High Priest made an offering for the people once a year, every year.  It was only good for the people of Israel who were the people of the covenant, all outside this offering where not lost in an everlasting sense.  They where however outside the National Promises made to a Covenant People, they where to be so blessed in this life that all would be drawn in God’s Kingdom demonstrated and Manifested on Earth.

That Israel was chosen as the vessel of Gods blessing, was not meant to mean God had abandoned all outside of Israel.  You see Israel was a chosen people through which God would introduce the Savior of the World.  Now Jesus Christ is that savior but not just of those who are in The Church, although being in the Body of Christ comes with blessings just like the Nation Israel.  The book of Hebrews tells us Christ as High priest made one offering for all people for all time.  Revelation tells us He is this Offering of God which was offered as a demonstration of God’s love for the world, was a reality before the foundations of the world.

So we see that although God entrusts people with the knowledge of Salvation, that knowledge is not in and of itself what Salvation is.  It is God who saves period and there is a good reason for this, because people will make the way evermore narrow until no one but a very small group are actually saved according to them.  This is why it is appointed for all to stand before God, now blessed are those in the first resurrection for they shall never die.   There is a second resurrection however and many people will find the Salvation of the Lord during that great judgement.

Because as Paul teaches in the book of Romans that as we where all under Adam, so are we all under the Savior of the Worlds offering of himself. This as far as I can calculate is all of humanity, and it is not necessary that they be present when the High Priest made the offering.  Nor was it required reading with the appropriate verbal responses to the proper questions.  With Christ’s loving offering transcending time, space and location, it matters not whether you where a Plains Indian in 4000 BC or an Eskimo in 1400 AD.  How wonderful to share this story of the Salvation of the Lord and to free the soul here and now.  I fear however we have narrowed the way with our pride of knowing we are his children, and thinking that means no body else can be unless we get to them first.  God already has before time, and the sooner we see how Big the Picture of Salvation is the more we will praise HIM.  

So what then tips the balance for entrance into the future Kingdoms of God, why living like His dear son in this life silly.  You did not think knowing you were forgiven was all there was to this KIngdom stuff did you.  Oh and by the way Christ is not just the propitiation of your sins because you are aware of it, but the sins of the whole unaware world.  As Jesus taught it matters how you live in this world, not what you know or have read, or even believed with your mind.  What God accomplished before time began is way bigger then any system men have designed to contain it.  Jesus is Lord and He shall save all of Israel and that’s a way bigger group then we have ever imagined.


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