Abraham + Jesus = Gospel

Abraham + Jesus = Gospel


In reading the prophetic statement of Zacharariah, when he is filled of with the Holy Spirit at the birth of his son John. He says in talking about the Messiah “To show mercy to our ancestors and to remember his holy covenant, the oath he swore to our father Abraham:” 

I have a question when we share this Gospel why do we include Moses and the Law.  Paul teaches the The Law is not of faith and yet most evangelism starts with a person’s obligation to have obeyed The Law Perfectly.  This teaching comes about because the church decided to marry the Law and Grace with a side order of Hell. 

So God swore an oath to Abraham, which was an oath that was 100% on God’s side. You will remember that God put Abraham to sleep and then consecrated the oath He made to Abraham.  I will remind you that this was an oath before priest, temple, or scriptures and therefore before the Law of Moses. 

 Also remember that Abraham is a Gentile through which God promises all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.  His decedents will be as the stars of the sky a clear indication of an unlimited number of souls, knowing what we now know about the size the universe.  The Jews are the elect of God the chosen a special Galaxy within a Universe of Galaxies, but by no means the only one.  It was their love of the Law of Moses that gave them the impression all others where less in the sight of God. 

The Gospel starts with a promise made by God to man outside of Law, Bible and Temple. It ends with God’s fulfillment of that promise in His only Son Jesus Christ no middlemen, just God’s faithfulness.

We must return to the truth of God’s promise to Abraham, that is that He was in Christ redeeming the world back to Himself.  No need for any willful act on the part of man for all those ways have failed greatly.  We are all in a great sleep and if you have been awakened bless the name of the Lord, but do not think God is sleeping concerning His promise to Abraham the father of faith.

If you have been elected in this age do not dare think that you and your group are the only Galaxy in God’s Universe, that mistake has been made once before, but have no fear all of Israel shall be saved.



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