Hiding in Plain Sight

It is recorded that Jesus said THEY will say that He is here and He is there but don’t believe them.  This relationship with Divinity is a real hide and seek kind of adventure and I don’t expect an in Person visit anytime soon.  As a child one of my favorite games to play with my good friends was Hide & Seek, I loved to Hide but I also loved to be Found as well. 

So it is plain to see that God is the biggest kid on my block, both loving to Hide and also to be Found.   So where is God hiding, well the truth is God is Hiding in Plain sight, but not where THEY say.  We are told God isn’t Hiding in any place that men have built and designed, no matter how costly.* *(see Acts 7)   Now this goes for buildings of Bricks and Mortar and well as the buildings of the mind, or the god of our understanding.

I have discovered God hiding in the most unlikely places and I am always surprised, I know why I’m surprised as well.  Because THEY have been talking for so long that it takes a while to move past what I once thought I knew for sure, in order to discover the God who is Hiding in Plain Sight.  I presume that when a Being is infinite the place for hiding must be equally infinite as well, seen in subtle reflections which takes some reflection to see.  

God is


in plain


in Nature

in Love

in Dark

in You

in Me

in Light

in Us

in Them

in Spirit

in Flesh


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