“Kiss my Dogma”

This is where most conversations about biblical interpretations end up “Kiss my Dogma.” 

If you have the nerve to think there might be another way of looking at it, eventually you are told to “Kiss my Dogma.” 

Oh and did I tell you that my Dogma and God’s mind are simpatico, where tight my friend.

So “Kiss my Dogma” and just you wait until your Father gets home. 

Need I remind you that my Dogma and the words of the Holy Bible match perfectly, so “Kiss my Dogma.” 

Well I don’t like your Dogma and I think its a rather homely Dogma at that, so please keep it on a short rope for the safety of others.

I choose not to Kiss your Dogma nor feed or water your Dogma, and by the way “Kiss your own Dogma.”


2 thoughts on ““Kiss my Dogma”

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