So today someone asked me a question concerning why they found it easy to love strangers and hard to love people they knew?  Fist let me say this is a great question and a good number of people think it but will not ask it.

1st the stranger is a safe person to love and therefore the easiest of all the people in our life.

This should be a clue that when practicing Love, sometimes strangers is the best place to start.  especially if you have been wronged by those close to you, or if you have burned too many bridges in your life.

Because you do not know them personally there are no internal issues you have to overcome in order to Love them.  The other side of that coin is that they do not know you and are therefore free to receive the Love you are showing.

Love like any other spiritual discipline has many levels.  So this brothers observation of himself, showed that although he was enjoyed showing Love to the stranger, he knew intuitively that there where Deeper Places in Love to go.

  Deep Love is that Love which requires Forgiveness and Mercy as a part of the equation.  This is how the scriptures teach us that our Father in Heaven Loves, this is why He forgets our wayward tendencies and embraces us.

So to be like God is to Love the stranger which God does in abundance but also the Enemy, Friend and Lover who has failed. This is perfected Love and praise God it is our destiny to be in Perfected Love.

When someday all is forgiven and no memory of the offence remains, just Love eternally for “GOD IS LOVE.”


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