REVOLUTION, Peacemakers rise up!

Globally we see the young and those young at heart, struggling against the language of Empire and Warfare, “they shall study war no more” is a growing HEARTS desire.  Those who hold the reigns of power and control in this world have made a handsome living off the Language of Empire and Warfare, this includes many small (s) spiritual leaders I am sad to say.  It made a kind of sense in a world disconnected and ruled by the prevailing power of the age, Babylon, Greece, Rome, America but a smaller planet requires a different paradigm.  A Peacemakers Mentality is needed or rather an embrace of the language of mediation, peace making, open community and shared need and vision.   Which starts as did our Constitution here in America with the radical non Empire concept “We The People” and no a Corporation is not a person!  Notice how the Language of Empire and Warfare keeps us from talking to our neighbor, what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is yours, until I need it.  Religion is no saint in this matter either, with other people being an infidel or someone who must be converted after repeating the religious words of Empire and Warfare. at the edge of a real or metaphoric sword, “Onward Christian Soldier.” The language of Empire and Warfare is in a struggle with the language of Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Rumi, Martin, John, Gene Sharp to name a few and it’s loosing.  Not for lack of sincere effort by the sellers of Empire and Warfare, but WE The People have discovered they can talk to each other WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION, and the other guy is not the monster they were led to believe but a brother and sister all.  The Sermon on the Mount and the principles of non-violence, and the brotherhood of man, are a growing desire of a restless youth, this is the place where you call me a socialist or communist.  Point of Truth:  “There is enough for everybody, but not enough for a few that want it all.”  Look in this world we are all unique and interesting but “Empire Exceptionalism” is a game played by those who desire what Others have, to be their Manifest Destiny.  So in the course of human events when people find themselves under the tyranny of Empire and Warfare, they can choose a new Way and do it without using the tools of Empire and Warfare.  It is not the language of the Koran or it’s more radical interpreters, that the young people of the Middle East are hearing in their ears, but rather the ideas expressed in the words of Gene Sharp and many others throughout the Ages.  “TO BE CONTINUED” The internal spiritual life and the implications of  a Peacemakers Mentality.



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