Must Analyze

Ok some of you will remember Season 2 and Episode #32 of Star Trek “The Changeling” The crew of the Enterprise deals with Nomad—an indestructible, planet-destroying space probe that thinks Kirk is its creator.  Nomad has a mission of purging the universe of anything that is not perfect, it does this by analyzing until it finds an imperfection and then destroys the organism.  In the end it is its need to Analyze and Purge what is not perfect, that leads Nomad to destroy its self, the last words of Nomad are ” Must Analyze, Must Analyze”.  May I say we need to “Stop Analyzing, Stop Analyzing” or we will end up like Nomad destroyed for the myth of perfection, this way of thinking has infected every level of our thinking.  The Jewish book of Genesis describes in story the moment where this black and white kind of thinking began, with Adam and Eves abandonment of the “Process of Good”, for the deception of “Perfection” (Godhood).  Making a return every year is not natural and looking for the problems that keep us from utopia is the waste of time that leads to destruction.  I see this infection in spiritual circles as well, people always dissatisfied and looking for SIN and the “Yellow Brick Road”!  Could we all Stop Analyzing the Good thing to death, and start caring for what is Good and in need of our attention.  Let us look for “The Ways” to live at peace with what is and to love the Good that surrounds us, taking God at His word that it is Good.


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